Well, this is my first post, and I guess a good place to start would be to explain the reason I am even writing this blog.

Before I begin I would like to give a stipulative definition for the term Book in this post. When I say book from now on, it is a story, real or fictional, that tells you about at least part of someone’s life.

It’s ironic actually. It took quite a while for me to learn how to read. I remember telling my mom one time in particular with tears in my eyes “I will never learn how to read!”.   My younger brother was already reading before me, but he didn’t have much of an interest in books. I however, when it finally clicked and letters became words and words became sentences, couldn’t stop reading. My brother would whine and get quite upset at me because I was reading all the time and not playing with him. I immersed myself into the story and would find myself in trouble more than once for reading when I should be studying or not hearing my name being called.

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